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Paros Active Escape by Evi Tsape

It is my privilege to write to you about a wonderful retreat opportunity in Golden Beach, Paros. I invite you to join me on a 3-day active escape on the last weekend of September!

Most of us, myself included, never would have gone on retreat without being asked. That’s why I’m extending this personal invitation.
Why go on a retreat? For most of us, the pace of daily life is pretty hectic. Because we’re always on the go, there isn’t much time to think about the things that are truly important in life. On Paros island, the peace and solitude provide a chance for you to get away – to take time to reflect, refresh, and renew. During this time apart, you may even discover the inner strength to help with the many issues facing you.

The retreat will be focused on windsurfing, stand up paddling (SUP), SUP Fitness as well as some stretching sessions to relax after an active day. Besides that, there will be plenty of free time for sleeping, relaxation and exploring the island.

If you’re thinking, “a retreat is not for me,” think again! Retreat is for everyone -career men and women, moms on the go, empty-nesters, men and women who are single, divorced or widowed. Perhaps you think you don’t need a retreat; there are no extraordinary problems or challenges in your life just now. But retreat is not only for the difficult times in your life – it’s also for those times when you are feeling happy, fulfilled, and thankful for all your many blessings. What better way to treat yourself?

Maybe you’re saying, “I can’t afford to give up an entire weekend!” But you need to trust that when you step away from your routine, good things happen! From Friday at 17.00 p.m. to Sunday at 13.00 p.m. is only about 44 hours… Plenty of time for you to re-focus your energy, and come back to your usual life feeling refreshed.

If you’re thinking, “Windsurfing, or stand up paddling, or exercising altogether, isn’t for me”, rest assured that whatever your experience with either of these, you will have a blast!

If you’ve considered a retreat in the past, don’t miss this opportunity for an uplifting and fulfilling experience!  I promise you this could be the greatest gift you give yourself!
For more details, please have a look on my website!

I look forward to seeing you on Paros!

evi tsape paros active escape